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LBR-2 [Oakland Pickup]
LBR-2 [Oakland Pickup]

LBR-2 [Oakland Pickup]

$ 950.00

The LBR-1 Book Bench is ideal as a hallway helper, in a kid's room, or at the end of a bed, these pieces seat a nice long row of your best friends (we mean books of course!), and make themselves useful in a a beautiful way. 

All pieces of the LBR series are born from a one-inch solid piece of FSC-certified lumber, hand-picked for color and consistency of grain. The lumber is then planed down to just shy of ¾”, giving it a lighter look that retains its strength. Next the boards travel through a jointer, becoming straight and true before being adjoined side-by-side using mortise and tenon, creating the top and legs of the bench. Screws and nails are forgone in this traditional method involving only wood and glue.

Once the boards are properly sized, they go through a rigorous smoothing process with the use of scrapers and fine grit sandpaper. We chose finger joints for the LBR because they offer both strength and symmetrical beauty to the corners of the bench. Ours are made one at a time with a combination of a router and hand tools. During final assembly, 15 clamps hold everything perfectly in place while the glue sets. Finally, a special no-VOC, non-toxic, one-coat finish is rubbed on and buffed out by hand. The end result is a beautiful bench that is highly resistant to moisture and will last a lifetime.

18″ H x 40″ W x 12″ D

This item is hand-made to order in Oakland, California exclusively for BOOK/SHOP by David Farrell of Verksted. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. This page is for those picking up this item at our Oakland location. Place order & you'll be contacted when your item is ready for pickup. You can email with questions.