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Keeping up with our new blog series, Shang Yang, an intern for our 2 Bond Street location, shares a book recommendation, with a few extra suggestions for enjoying her selection. Shang is also studying art history and interning with the Judd Foundation in NYC, and you can follow her clean, crisp perspective on Modernism in art here


1.) What's the book?
Annals of the Former World by John McPhee
2.) Which edition do you recommend?
The first edition published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998. 
3.) Where do you recommend reading it? 
On the plane. This book will definitely be a good company to have on a long fight, and reading the gracefully documented geological facts while having a bird's view over the land is a weird but amazing experience. 
4.) What would you snack on while reading it ?
Sparkling water paired with a bag of almonds.

5.) What bag would you carry it in? 

A denim tote from MM6
Thanks, Shang!