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Sam has has helped behind-the scenes for many of Book/Shop's events and projects since Sept. 2014. He's a photographer and film maker, a serious reader and one of those people we feel lucky to have on our side here at the shop. Here, Sam shares a book recommendation, with a few extra suggestions for enjoying his selection... 


1.) What's the book?

Boredom by Alberto Moravia

I love this book, this writer. Everything about this is good. Somewhere along the way I stopped being able to imagine this protagonist without seeing David Hemmings. 

2.) Which edition do you recommend?
NYRB Classics. Everything they publish has this amazing optic quality -like a box of crayons. 
3.) Where do you recommend reading it?
For whatever reason, I think this book would thrive most in a hot climate. Like a bar on a beach. 
4.) What snack would accompany it?
Strong coffee. 
5.) What library would you check it out from?
The Inverness Library near Stinson Beach 
Thanks, Sam!