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June 17, 2015


Tessa Watson if the founder of OGAARD Gallery, a materials-focused art space in Oakland, California. Tessa shared this about her list:
"This summer, the curious gossip inside me has led me down the path of biographies. Biographies of artists, designers, and other creatives.  I think I am craving the reassurance of the highs and lows that are such a common experience of those working in any field , but especially in creative fields.  As you might see from this list, I am particlaly interested in the work and experience of women in art and design.  My experience in having ØGAARD has also given me a lot of interest in ideas of presentation and use of space - which encompasses a lot of influence from archetecture, interior design, and furniture design.
I am going to be reading these books along with my friend Daisy Holman who is a research associate at the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation - it is always fun having someone to talk to about what you are reading, especially someone who might know a lot more about art history that you do. I'm sharing books at the Oakland Library's main branch, which happens to be a block and a half from my apartment in the Lake Merritt area of downtown Oakland."
Thanks, Tessa!
Photo by Tessa Watson. 
Links by Lauren Ardis.


  1. The Life of Isamu Noguchi: Journey Without Borders  - NOGUCHI, Masayo Duus.  Princeton, 2006. 
  2. Eileen Gray: Architect/Designer  -  GRAY. Adam, Peter.  New York, 1987.
  3. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein
  4. Naked at the Feast: A Biography of Josephine Baker by Lynn Haney
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright - An Autobiography
  6. Modern Man: The Life of Le Corbusier, Architect of Tomorrow - Anthony Flint
  7. Art Lover: A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim by Anton Gill