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Deja Vu - Ralph Gibson

My friend and photographer, David Black, has one of the best libraries I've ever had the pleasure of perusing. I borrowed these two Ralph Gibson books because I couldn't leave without them.


Pema Chödron - Start Where You Are: 

"I've been listening to talks by Pema (I owe my friend Elizabeth deeply for coming over and forcing me to get "Unstuck") Her voice is so soothing, yet shes blowing my mind left and right. "Shenpa" is a new and welcome addition to my vocabulary. 


Jules et Jim - Henri Pierre-Roché : 

The book behind the infamous movie...there is something that hits home about the German girl, Kate, that I need to get to the bottom of. I haven't seen the film since college so I'm looking forward to a somewhat fresh re-interpretation of this story.



Diana Vreeland - Bazaar Years: 

Another one from David's library and probably a book every woman should have around to reference. Her "Why Don't You's" are some pretty incredible reminders of long forgotten quirky etiquette and the importance of joyfulness and ease in your daily life.

Scruples - Judith Krantz

I have a date to watch the mini-series as soon as I finish the book. I should probably read it by a pool.



Diane Keaton - Reservations 

"Diane's 1980 collection of black and white photos of hotels. I love hotel rooms. I love Diane. A seemingly mundane book that reminds me of the importance of capturing interiors as they are, [because] someone will be fascinated by them in the future."




Kayten Schmidt is an art director, creative consultant, and model living in Los Angeles. Browsing through Kayten's Instagram and blog it's easy to see why we're drawn to her visual sense (Cy Twombly to Kate Bush videos to 90s Jil Sander ads), and to see why she is quickly making a name for herself in Los Angeles' ever-evolving creative scene. Thanks Kayten!

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Photos by Kayten Schmidt. Links by Lauren Ardis.