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Lucy Auge is a UK-based artist/illustrator/gardener and longtime favorite here at Book/Shop. What would summer be with a sunny reading list from one of the most charming botanic illustrators now working? Follow her ambitious 1000 Flowers project here, and read more about her book picks below. Thanks, Lucy!


1.) A Bigger Message with David Hockney - I have been re-reading this book since I bought it must be 3 years ago now. I love the way Hockney thinks. His bluntness and passion for his field. The interviewer also asks brilliant questions. A conversation between two intelligent men. I have never gotten bored of it.

2.) Henri Matisse - most of the books I own are artists in conversations because I am trying to learn about the field I am entering and I find the way to do that is learn from what my idols say. Their experiences and Carer choices.

3.) The World of Interiors - Technically not a book but it is what I am reading. I subscribe to this magazine and it has never had an off issue. Each month has something to offer in information. I sometimes prefer magazines to read as its so current and I am constantly looking for new ideas and this always captures my attention.

4.) Eat Pretty - It's a very commercial choice of book, this. But the content in it is top notch. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with health. If I am not doing something to do with art I am looking into health. I suffer from severe nerve damage from a ski accident, and the thing that keeps my symptoms at bay is a good diet. I adore Jolene's book; so accessible and direct.

5.) Planting - This book changed a lot of my views on planting. As Piet plants in colour, his plans for gardens are like paintings. I draw a lot from this book because it's very pattern based and I always gravitate towards that.

6.) Masterpieces of Chinese Painting - I went to the exhibition of this when it was on at the V&A and this is one of the moments where my work changed. This book I must look and read from at least once a week. I can't really describe why it is so inspirational to me, it just is. I haven't found another book on Chinese painting this good.


Book images by Lucy Auge. Click images for more info on each book/author.