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The Summer Book - Tove Jansson
What could be more appropriate for a summer reading list? Neither of us read much of the Moomins as children, but having seen a fascinating documentary on the life of their author, Tove Jansson, we were always intrigued by her life story and in particular her iddilic summer cottage on the tiny island of Klovharun
W.H Auden - The Penguin Poets
A gift of poetry from an uncle. Family favourite W.H. Auden, featuring a stunning original penguin cover from 1958
Down the Long Driveway You’ll See It by Mary Gaudin and Matthew Arnold
An insight into some unique modernist homes on the other side of the world. Photographer Mary Gaudin and writer Matthew Arnold beautifully capture these homes in an almost ethereal way, with the climate and foliage of New Zealand ever-present.
Rachel Nicholson’s monograph is a perenial favourite of ours. Always a pleasure to return to, full of peaceful views and elegant still life. Her work balances delicately somewhere between her parents Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth in it’s sense of place, tone and composition.
Barbara Hepworth - Sculpture for a Modern World
This comprehensive monograph accompanies the current Hepworth show at Tate Britain. 
We enjoy how the book is perfectly split between essays on uncoated paper and plates on coated paper to great effect. Hepworth's passion for seeing sculpture as meant to be touched, meant to be part of the modern and natural environment is a wonderful sentiment which resonates with us. We like to create things for use and to be part of the world - not to be viewed from afar.
Esme Winter is the UK-based paper goods duo of Richard Sanderson and namesake Esme Winter. We're longtime fans of their classic-endpapers-inspired notebooks & wrapping papers, and of their whole ethic in general. We're definitely fans of their beautiful summer reading list, full of old favorites & new discoveries. And p.s. to all the uncles out there; you can take a tip from Richard's obviously well-versed relation... ;)  Thanks, Richard and Esme!