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Vita Yang is a Taiwan-born, New York-based illustrator whose first charming and original work we first encountered on Instagram. We fell instantly for the simple authenticity of her scenes of everyday life, rendered in a loose line & washy colors that nevertheless manage to capture minute details. It came as no surprise to find that we weren't the first to notice her unique style. Vita has made illustrations for several fashion & design brands, including Coach, Vogue Brasil, Clinique, Club Monaco, Matsuya Ginza, Dior, agnès b., AVEDA, GQ, United Arrows, and many more. We were delighted when Vita sent this reading list, including drawings of each book. What a gift. Thanks Vita!


Click on images for more info on each book!




1.Brave Irene by William Steig

I am obsessed with children’s picture books. They are a delight to read no matter what your age is. I think I still trust my 4-year-old self’s instinct.

It’s a lovely story of a daughter’s love for her mother and perseverance. I felt very much related to this story, it reminded me of the relationship with my mom. I really love to take care of her.


2. I’ll be your mirror, the selected Andy Warhol Interviews, edited by Kenneth Goldsmith

It’s a collection of Andy Warhol’s interviews, the question-and-answer interview was one of his communication vehicles. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, it’s really enjoyable seeing him challenging people with his mysterious personality. Interviews are like performance to him. He has a unique soul, that no one else even remotely like him. 


3. The pencil perfect by Caroline Weaver

I love pencils, I love this book, I love Caroline Weaver and her pencil shop. 

I’ve learned so much from this book, every time I read it I discover something new. It’s a wonderful thing that you always have something new to learn from the things you love, I guess that’s why I don’t feel bored easily when I am alone.


4. The next next level by Leon Neyfakh

I’ve started on this one already and I look forward to exploring Leon Neyfakh’s thinking in the coming months ( I read slow ) to get better connected to this story. 


5. Beloved dog by Maira Kalman

I am constantly inspired by Maira Kalman and her works, I love her. I’ve read this book many times before. I don’t know why but it seems this summer is perfectly good for re-read books I loved. So I will bring it to a park, hopefully, surrounded by dogs and read it again.


6. Totto-chan, the little girl at the window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

My mom gave me this book in different language versions, I guess she really wanted me to read this book. She used to read it for me before bedtime, it really was the best time in my life. We both loved the story very very much. 

This book has influenced my childhood a lot and perhaps even today. It turned out what I always loved is what I still love, I feel really good to know this fact.