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June has worked at Book/Shop Oakland since Sept. 2015. She's a gifted photographer (which has made her an Instagram favorite), and a book-lover of the type we love to find here at the shop. Here, June kicks off our new blog series, where we ask staff, current and past, to share a book recommendation, as well as a few other recommendations for best enjoying their book of choice. Enjoy!


1.) What's the book?

D.H. Lawrence Selected Poems

2.) Which edition do you recommend?
The 1980 Penguin edition. This book was originally published in 1916, but this early       1980's version is the first one I was introduced to. (see image below)
3.) Where do you recommend reading it?
Sitting on the terraced steps of the Berkeley Rose Garden, surrounded by overgrown nature untamed against freshly budding roses, in full bloom in July. 
4.) What would you snack on while reading it?
A tangerine. M.F.K Fisher said it best- Pulpy, fleshy, something perfect to absent-mindedly eat while reading. 
5.) What bag would you carry it in?
A tote bag from the Palais de Tokyo. I found this tote at the Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum in Paris last summer, and have used it almost every day
Thanks, June!