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Isabel Fry is an English-born student who's been helping us out in the shop while on her summer break. We couldn't let her go back to school (and away from us, alas!) without getting her book recommendation (with a few extra suggestions for enjoying her selection) as part of our ongoing series. [See others here!]. Thanks, Isabel!


  1. What book would you recommend?


Ernest Hemingway's 'A Moveable Feast'. I just read this for the first time last month and loved reading his perspective of living in 1920's Paris with his first wife, Hadley. 


  1. What edition would you recommend? 


The 1966 Penguin paperback is the version I have, which also happens to be my favorite cover.


  1. A place you'd recommend to read it?


The ideal would be a cafe in Paris. However locally, the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland has peaceful spots overlooking the city and San Francisco. You can sit there for hours just looking at the view, let alone reading a good book!


  1. A snack while reading it?


I'd pack a picnic for my own version of a moveable feast.


  1. What would recommend listening to while reading it?


I don't tend to concentrate on reading too well if there's music in the background but I do think the familiar buzzing noises accompanied by sitting at a cafe would be perfect for this novel.


  1. What bag would you carry it in?


A picnic basket or my Book/Shop tote of course!


  1. What library would you check it out from?


If I could choose any library, it would be the one I went to as a child in my town in England. Not only was it a shelter from the weather but there was something very comforting about walking back home in the rain with a good book.