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SUMMER READING LIST: Amanda El-Khoury & Lindsay Levita




Selections by Amanda El-Khoury





Selections by Lindsay Levita.





Lindsay Levita and Amanda El-Khoury own Cornell Florist, a Chicago-based floral studio and shop. We learned about them through their Instagram feed, which displays their sensibilities beautifully. Their work can be as poetic and lush as a painting by Fantin-Latour or as graceful and spare as an Ellsworth Kelly drawing. It brings an open, loose, clean, soft, pastoral aesthetic to an art form that can too often be fussy, lifeless, or outright garish. In their own words, "We are always looking for the most interesting colors, shapes and textures in flowers and objects -- and this applies to beautiful and inspirational books, inside and out." Thanks, Amanda & Lindsay!

Photos by Amanda El-Khoury and  Lindsay Levita  (Click photos for more info on each book.)