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Seeing is Forgetting  / The Name of the Thing One Sees by Robert Irwin 

For years I’ve had this book and every time I pick it up it always challenges my visual aesthetic territory with his words.


Barbarian Days  / A Surfing Life by William Finnegan  

One of the better autobiographical stories to be written so far about my favorite cultures, surfing. By the time I put it down I felt like such a ‘kook’, but a happy one to say the least. 


Hold On To Your Dreams by Tim Lawrence  

Being a total record store geek since day one, I was more than delighted to read such an in depth and sincere story about Arthur Russell’s fascinating yet short life. Truly one of the pioneers that brought so many genres of music to the masses.


Gerhard Richter / The Daily Practice of Painting writings 1962-1993

I’m such a sucker for letters and writings of artist, and this one shows why he’s the master of the paradoxical statement. Always by my bedside.


I Know You Think You Know it All by Chris Black  

Chris's book of tongue and cheek quotes puts a final nail in the hipster coffin.


Visual Explanations / Images & Quantities, Evidence & Narrative by Edward R. Tufte

I can’t help coming back and thumbing through all these amazing obscure facts and references over and over again. Plenty of fun facts to drop at dinner parties. 


Zoetrope: All Story by Various Contributors

Curated literary magazine with a single commissioned for each issue. I look forward to each one the minute it hits the newsstands.


On Reading by Andrea Kertesz  

Kertesz’ visual diary of capturing those in moments of the complete attention to reading is more inspirational everything time I pick it up.


Tools / Real Stuff for Future Classics by Kodansha Publishing

Stumbled upon these visual reference guides of everything to do with classic & lasting design in everyday objects. Essential.


Golden Persimmons by Brian Kanagaki  

I met Brian a few years ago in SF before he moved to NYC.  Glad I met him, and since then he’s been putting out amazing self published photo books of his work making him one of my favorite young photographers.



Jocks & Nerds / Mens Style in the Twentieth Century by R Martin & H Koda.  

If you need a basic guide to men’s fashion, this would be it.  No need to go buy the latest GQ or Esquire, because all those editors still reference this one book each time.  True Story, go buy it.


The Conquest of Happiness by Betrand Russell  

“A rational book on happiness.”


An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler  ‘Tamar has made my cooking so enjoyable an enduring with her words and simple recipes without all the fluff and photos. Essential. 


Giorgio Morandi by The Arts Council of Great Britain

If I could think of one artist that has influenced me throughout the years is Morandi.  When ever I’m in a bookstore, flea market etc. I’m always on the hunt for his books or catalogs.


Georgia O’Keeffe / A Life by Roxanna Robinson  

Amazing read of collected letters and stories about one of the America’s most respected female painters.  What attracts me the most was her awareness of how photography influences much of her later work. An epic read to say the least.


A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman  

Diane puts together an intriguing book of her essays on everything we see, touch, smell and hear. Her prose keeps me picking this up every time I want to go out and find a new meaning in the most personal & idiosyncratic places






Daniel Dent is a San Francisco-based photographer who quietly goes about making stunning pictures for an impressive list of global clients. The painterly compositions and gorgeous stillness of his images are no accident; Dent studied painting at the Cooper Union in New York City and assisted photography masters like Ralph Gibson while there as well. We're thrilled for this in-depth look at his favorites, influences, and yet-to-reads. Thanks, Daniel!