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My Prizes
Thomas Bernhard is one of my favorite writers and one of the few
novelists whose work I'll likely re-read in my lifetime.  I wish he'd
written much more non-fiction, like this very humorous one, about the thorn
in his side that was the attending and accepting of literary awards.  He
was honored, given public attention and money, and it all gave him material
to write about, so while reading, one asks oneself how uncomfortable for
him these events really were... Still, I relish in his outlook on many matters.
Wasting Time on the Internet
This is my friend Kenny Goldsmith's next book
and I'll happily walk down any printed path he takes/makes.  I always joke
with him that I think he is one of America's great public intellectuals (I
truly do), to which he responds, "Oh great, that garners an even smaller
audience than experimental poetry."
The Dept. of Corrections
Bob Nickas has superb taste and I like knowing that
with each book of his I'm guaranteed to be exposed to new (to me),
interesting artists and agents in the art world.
I read about Gregor Muir in the latest 'Fantastic Man' and was
very intrigued by him, immediately making me want to read this book.
Clever, very British, title.
Holy Terror
Last month I heard Bob Colacello speak at a talk about what it was like working with Andy Warhol and it was a joy to hear his tales. Plenty more in this very readable account of his years with Andy but for some reason I doubt I'll finish it.  Often a little Andy goes a long way, though I'll be surprised if he's still not very relevant a hundred years from now.
10 Years
A lovely, informative little book, like all the others in the
charming Hapax series from jrp/ringier, from a man in my business for whom
I have a lot of respect.
Wes Del Val is an art book publisher in New York. A true book-lover, he goes to his local magazine store and library several times a week, and knows that print is not leaving us any time soon. Even though he thinks way too many books are being published today, he says he wouldn't want to be doing anything else as a career. Thanks for sharing your latest reads, Wes!